Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does do?

    Visa for Japan is a free source of information to find how you can apply for a visa yourself without hiring an Japan immigration attorney. Our goal is to walk you through the process and provide all the forms so you don’t have to spend thousands hiring someone.

    But if you’re a company or someone without the time to apply yourself, we can also get you quotes from multiple licensed immigration attorneys so you can compare and save.

    Our goal is to help save you time, money and stress.

  • Who is legally able to help me get a Japanese immigration visa?

    In Japan it’s a job called “legal scrivener”, or 行政書士(gyoseishoshi) in Japanese. Legal scriveners have two certifications. One can process visas and the other can apply for the visa without you being present. Legal scriveners can do more than visas. They can also help you setup a company in Japan.

  • How much does it cost to get a Japan immigration visa?

    If you’re applying without the help of a visa attorney, it will cost you under 10,000 yen. Typical costs are a revenue stamp (purchased at the immigration center), cost of a photo from the photo booths and official documents such as tax withholding certificates.

    If you hire a licensed legal scrivener to apply for you, it can range anywhere between 100,000 yen and 400,000 yen. We’ll provide multiple quotes so you can pick what works for you.

  • Do you support business investor visas?

    Yes! We provide information for most visa types including business investor visas. For business investor visas we recommend you hire a legal scrivener. It’s one of the most complicated visa types and is much easier if someone in Japan is helping you.